We all have or had dreams growing up. Mine was to be a dancer, I used to imagine myself making my body into different positions on a big stage. I still love dance, and I mean dance in general, I have no particular type, it’s all the same to me. You move your body to convey something to show an audience, whether that audience be 1 person of 1000 people, that aim is the same. To make your audience feel what your feeling and be entertained by what your doing!

What I call general dance, is what they used to do in music videos back in the 90’s, Spice girls, Sclub7, All Saints e.t.c I used to learn and copy all the moves. It wasn’t until I was a little older I realized that wasn’t really what you could call dance. I discovered yet never pursued ballet, tap and street. Ballet conveys emotion like no other, tap shows determination whilst street shows the desire to break through the mold and be different from everyone else.

I am a fan of all types of dance and I admire anyone that has the true determination to make it! It makes me wish I had tried harder and took the steps to become the dream dancer I wanted to be. However my self esteem and confidence wasn’t great in school and the one thing you need to be a great dancer is confidence. To be able to stand in front of a crowd and perform your little ass off to the best of your ability!


So there was my dream as a kid. I still dance but only for my own entertainment and exercise. So let me know in the comments. What was your dream. Did you achieve it. If your making your way to your dreams then I wish you the best of luck!

Till next time

Stay safe

Jamie-Leigh x x x


Do you Remember

Do you Remember

With Remembrance Sunday approaching I decided to write a post based on the particular day. Recognizing the men and women who have given their lives for our countries to “protect and serve”

Being in the United Kingdom “RS” is well documented every year, spread across the media  to show the admiration for the special people that never made it back from a war. Starting after the first world war, a treaty was passed on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month. Remembered forever. The day is remembered with a poppy, that grew in the fields of war surrounding the injured and the brave. Made famous by the Poem “In Flanders Field“.

I wanted to take the time to thank all military personnel past, present and future for their dedication and sacrifice, who knows where we’d be if they didn’t dedicate themselves to the cause.

Here is a poem I decided to write in honor of this day and those special people.

Do you remember

The wars of the past

A history, built to last

The men and women who gave their lives

Not knowing if they’d survive

Remembered with a blood red poppy

That grew in fields whilst they fought.

A family pain and children’s loss

Of parents, brothers, sisters, aunts

Remembered forever for brave advance

This Blood red poppy symbolizes their fight

For honour, their country, for us, their sacrifice.

I hope you Remember with me on Sunday 10/11/2013 for the Sunday memorial services up and down the country, and hold your silence at 11am 11/11/2013.

Stay Safe

Jamie-Leigh x x x

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Shit Interview Questions

Blame the equipment not the person using it!

Blame the equipment not the person using it!

Ok so my no swearing on my blog decided to go completely out the window… shit. I tried for a little bit.

Anyways here’s some interview questions that make me want to rip the interviewers hair out….

Why do you want to work here?

Because I’m fucking jobless, and I need a job…bloody stupid question!

Why did you leave your last job?

Well, it made me want to put peoples heads in a fryer. I don’t see how they can get a positive response from this question without people lying out their ass!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

How the fuck am I supposed to know.. do you know? It should be phrased differently, something like, Where would you like to be in 5 years professionally? Much better. We’re not psychic so stop asking it, what do they expect. Oh I’ll be a manager within your company sitting on my soon to be fat arse sacking people to save money and increase my salary!

What’s your best achievement?..(applies to school leavers)

Hmmmm….. 5 minutes later…… Finishing school? Going through puberty and not turning into a gorilla? What type of achievement will impress an employer at 16 years old. If it’s academic they can be seen as unsociable, if it’s extracurricular it can be seen as them not focusing on their studies. Stop being bloody stupid and save that one for the 40 year olds

Again for school leavers. What’s your strengths and weaknesses in terms of work?

Well if you’d read my fucking CV I’ve just finished school how the fuck am I supposed to know. I’ve never had a job… Again another one for the “more experienced” applicants.

Why are you right for this job?

Because I turned up to the interview that you gave me! There’s probably someone better than me but they’re currently sitting at a desk miserable thinking of the missed opportunity!

They are all I could think of for the time being, Have you had any interview questions that you’ve just thought we’re plain shit! Let me know in the comments!

Till next time

Stay Safe


Friends On Benefits

mt fOB

Hi. So as the current recession draws on many people are out of a job and looking for work. One of those people is me!

Now whilst the benefit system is handy for those who need a temporary tide over until they find a new job, there are some people who are not only cheating the benefits system but who are proud to be doing it. Has being on Job Seekers become the new “in” thing. Well if it has, I can’t wait to get out.

I hate being on benefits, and I mean hate it. But I made the silly yet “at the time it was the right thing to do” decision to leave my job (I’ll explain in another post) and now I’m on benefits. It’s degrading and I feel ashamed that I have to use the system but needs must and without it I’d either be homeless or starving.

Whilst on benefits I feel useless, like I’m not making my contribution to society and yes I have worked since I was 16, and after college I volunteered for 6 months and put something back into my community before going back into full time employment, but for me, someone who has technically worked since I was 14 (volunteering for the church and local hospital) I have my own personal work ethics and being unemployed is driving me insane.

How can someone (with the exception of the retired,sick or disabled) live without working, how can they feel good about themselves. I just don’t understand it. Why would someone not want to work!

Now since I’ve been on benefits, I have been lucky to have the opportunity to have 4 interviews although at the time I “wasn’t the right candidate” but it’s giving me hope that something will come along. I hate being the “friend on benefits” it restricts me a little bit, with only “£112” every two weeks where I used to earn £400. But life is life and I have to live with my decision!

The Job Center don’t make things easier for our self esteem, I thought their job was to increase our self esteem and confidence to make is more likely to find a job? The advisors at my local center can’t wait to get rid of us, and the looks we get are so degrading. It makes you feel like shit (N.B The security guards at my center are actually quite nice and always have a smile for the people that walk in so I will exclude them from that statement)

What I want to know is, Have you been on benefits? If so how did it make you feel about yourself? And what do you think is the true publics perception of people on benefits?

Till next time

Jamie-Leigh x x x

P.s When I mention benefits I only mean job seekers allowance, not any other benefit such as child benefits, Disability living allowance or any form of sickness benefit. These views are my personal views about life on benefits and no offence was intended.

PPS: Parents are also excluded from any statements. Unless the child/ren are over 10

What’s Love Got To Do With It


We all crave this big thing called love. For the first years of our long lives we crave it from family, through adolescence we crave it from friends and as we go into adulthood we want the only love that completes us. From a partner. 

We all experience it, even if our love is secret, the flutter of butterflies in the pit of our stomachs, the intense increase in our hearts beat, the beads of sweat in our palms as we see that one person we love walk past, brush against us and even speak to us, but what happens when we get the person we love? Does the novelty wear off? And can love truly last forever in this day and age?

I’m no expert, hell, I’ve never even been in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t loved. But with nearly 50% of all relationships “failing” (they make it sound like a machine) these days, does love still truly exist, or is it companionship we’re searching for now?

The films are typical, boy meets girl, girl meets different boy, boy is crushed. Girl eventually goes out with boy, fall in love, whirlwind romance, lasts a lifetime. But do you know anyone these days, where that even remotely happens. 

It just seems so messed up in these times, they say “Love conquers all”, but the most “love” some girls get is a quickie behind a club, near the bins. 

I say we take our relationship examples from our grandparents, great grandparents for some of us, and build our relationships on the love that lasts a lifetime. We are all so rushed to find “the one” when we should be taking our time. I’m 22 years old and in no heavy rush to find “the one”. Enjoy your youth before marriage and children take some of it away.

Live life to the full and let NO ONE get you down!

Till next time

Muchos Love

Jamie-Leigh x x x


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