What makes us successful?

Hello you, 

I’ve been thinking lately, what makes us successful? Is it how much money we earn? The size of our house? Having the highest position in employment? Or somthing else?

I don’t think I have reached what I would call success yet. That doesn’t mean I’m not successful in the definition sense, but my life isn’t at the point I want it to be just yet!

I don’t want to earn loads of money, have a flash car or a mansion, or even loads of expensive things. I want to be able to look back on my life and say, I tried my best, I have no regrets, and that I did everything I could to be the best person I could be!

So here’s my “success” bucket list

  1. To find a job I am happy in
  2. To finally move out of my mothers house
  3. To be in a relationship with someone I love and who loves me back just as much
  4. To have a family of my own, adopting or fostering children
  5. To experience what the world has to offer and not just see it
  6. To grow and mature as a person
  7. To look back on my life and know I did everything I could to be the better person

What’s on your bucket list? Leave a comment and let me know. It’s be interesting to see what everyone else wants from their lives!! Plus I’m a little bit nosey too 😛 

I hope you are all well, happy and healthy

Till next time

Jamie-Leigh x x x 


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Well, Well, Well,

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while…ooops :S

I made a small return to blogger a few months back but I’ve decided to start using this again along with my other blog!!

So excuse me for being so bloody ignorant to this for a while, and lets hope I can keep this up!

See you soon x x x

Jamie-Leigh x x

P.S I have to learn how to use this again :S