And it’s alright

Well today I’ve been having a clear out and it made me realize how emotionally attached I get to the mass of stuff that invades my room! There always seems to be an excuse to why I can’t throw things away but over the last few days I’ve actually managed to get rid of a lot of stuff and even create a little “office” to “work” from. I say work but I’m jobless, so this is my alternative (a better alternative if you ask me). 


Just so we’re clear this is NOT my house! I may let my room get in a state every now and then, but the above is simply ridiculous :S

Anyway, 4 bin bags later, my rooms still a bit of a mess, and I’m still finding things I don’t want or need yet still want to keep. I’m biting the bullet on these occasions and just putting it in a bag before I change my mind, then swiftly moving onto the next thing before I procrastinate over the object. Doing things like this always makes me feel quite positive afterwards. Do you get that? As the saying goes “Tidy house, Tidy mind” my problem is keeping it tidy….Any tips?

I think I needed to get that short post out of my system. It’s nowhere near my best but, when you feel the need to write you need to write 😀


Till next time

Jamie-Leigh x x x


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