Online Fish Pond

Hey so, if you remember my blog What’s Love Got To Do With It, I mentioned about how we all crave the love of a partner at one point in our lives or another. But with today’s “online society” a lot of us are looking for love online as well! But what are the consequences of trying to find love with new age technology?


The amount of online dating websites popping up all over the internet, such as,, and increasing their variety and availability, sexuality specific sites such as the famous Grindr and Brenda. I have no problem with dating sites, I’ve tried/trying them, currently using with mild success. But what are you really getting when you sign up to these sites.

Well documented in the film documentary CatFish, things may not always be what they seem  about the people you talk to on these sites. Now whilst not everyone is lying about their personalities, looks or pictures, you have to have an air of caution when you’re using these sites! So far I haven’t had any bad experiences on any of these sites although I haven’t had any face to face dates yet either, mainly because I’m extremely cautious about meeting people online. My mum wrapped me up in bubble wrap as a child… very nearly literally if she could have. It’s a blessing and a curse as it restricted my social activity as a child so it made me slightly unsociable as a teenager.

I think it’s worth a try if you struggle with social situations and meeting people, it can get the awkward icebreakers out of the way before you meet the person face to face and make that first meet a little less awkward for both of you.

What do you do though if the person is nothing like their profile? (in terms of looks)

My personal advice would be to leave. Immediately. There’s a reason they lied to you and probably won’t stop them from lying to you multiple times in the future. You need to find the person who is at least honest with you about the important things. Name, age, looks, family e.t.c

People who say looks don’t matter

Whilst in real life situations looks may not matter so much, but with online dating there is an air of attraction needed, especially if people don’t fill in their profiles! So for someone who hasn’t bothered to fill in their profile needs to be put back in the pile and you need to go back in with your online fishing rod! and look for a better “fish”.







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