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Hi. So as the current recession draws on many people are out of a job and looking for work. One of those people is me!

Now whilst the benefit system is handy for those who need a temporary tide over until they find a new job, there are some people who are not only cheating the benefits system but who are proud to be doing it. Has being on Job Seekers become the new “in” thing. Well if it has, I can’t wait to get out.

I hate being on benefits, and I mean hate it. But I made the silly yet “at the time it was the right thing to do” decision to leave my job (I’ll explain in another post) and now I’m on benefits. It’s degrading and I feel ashamed that I have to use the system but needs must and without it I’d either be homeless or starving.

Whilst on benefits I feel useless, like I’m not making my contribution to society and yes I have worked since I was 16, and after college I volunteered for 6 months and put something back into my community before going back into full time employment, but for me, someone who has technically worked since I was 14 (volunteering for the church and local hospital) I have my own personal work ethics and being unemployed is driving me insane.

How can someone (with the exception of the retired,sick or disabled) live without working, how can they feel good about themselves. I just don’t understand it. Why would someone not want to work!

Now since I’ve been on benefits, I have been lucky to have the opportunity to have 4 interviews although at the time I “wasn’t the right candidate” but it’s giving me hope that something will come along. I hate being the “friend on benefits” it restricts me a little bit, with only “£112” every two weeks where I used to earn £400. But life is life and I have to live with my decision!

The Job Center don’t make things easier for our self esteem, I thought their job was to increase our self esteem and confidence to make is more likely to find a job? The advisors at my local center can’t wait to get rid of us, and the looks we get are so degrading. It makes you feel like shit (N.B The security guards at my center are actually quite nice and always have a smile for the people that walk in so I will exclude them from that statement)

What I want to know is, Have you been on benefits? If so how did it make you feel about yourself? And what do you think is the true publics perception of people on benefits?

Till next time

Jamie-Leigh x x x

P.s When I mention benefits I only mean job seekers allowance, not any other benefit such as child benefits, Disability living allowance or any form of sickness benefit. These views are my personal views about life on benefits and no offence was intended.

PPS: Parents are also excluded from any statements. Unless the child/ren are over 10


2 thoughts on “Friends On Benefits

  1. Although I recently came off JSA to do some full time temporary work until Xmas, trying to fulfil some of their ridiculous requirements was a contributory factor to my ongoing (but improving) depression. It’s a degrading and generally humilating experience, knowing that you do really want to contribute and can’t, and being mocked for it, not only by the general public but by the very people who should be helping.

    • Thanks for the comment, and I know exactly what you mean. It was depression that made me leave my last job, it wasn’t so much the job itself but the people in it, I wasn’t part of the “team” and I knew they were using me so I thought, bugger ’em. They still haven’t replaced me so it was obvious I was only made a manage to “fill a gap” at the time and when I was no longer needed, they basically ignored everything I said. I’m due to go to the “job” center in two days to be ridiculed by the snobby signer onners or whatever they’re called. I can’t wait to give them my little sign off book and basically say “fuck you” I’m not coming back! The place fills me with anxiety and even though I do more than required I still feel they’re gonna go “nope, you’re shit, no money for you for 13 weeks” and I’ll be fucked. Believe me if it wasn’t for the money to help me live, I wouldn’t have signed on because they do nothing to help! Again thanks for your comment. I hope your depression subsides completely in the near future, believe me I know what you’re going through. Stay Safe. Jamie-Leigh x x x

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